Avri Gilad goes to the defense of Tzachi Cohen, owner of "Tikun Olam"

The famous moderator goes out to protect those who brought about the establishment of the medical cannabis industry in Israel, Tzachi Cohen, owner of "Tikun Olam". Cohen is facing a court decision requiring him to sell his stake in the company he founded or to cease operations.

Tzahi Cohen, owner of Israeli cannabis company "Tikun Olam", has succeeded in making the company synonymous with medical cannabis and has grown to be one of the world's leading companies with partnerships in the cannabis business in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and more.

Recently, the Israeli court ruled that as a result of confidential intelligence, it could no longer serve as the company's owners. The judge ordered that the company should not continue to operate as long as it owned its shares.

Tzachi Cohen with a patient Photo: Adir Sultan, Flash 90)
Tzachi Cohen with a patient, at the start of the medical cannabis industry in Israel. Photo: Adir Sultan, Flash 90)

Cohen is currently faced with two options: to sell his share in Israeli society (over 70%) and allow it to continue operating normally, or to appeal the district court's decision and demand a ruling from the Supreme Court.

Avri Gilad, one of the prominent medical cannabis advocates in the media, goes to Cohen's defense of a status that has won hundreds of comments and shares within an hour. Gilad is the one who directed the famous documentary "Grass with doctor's approval”Which aired a decade ago and was a significant part of the image change towards the use of cannabis for medical care.

"If I have to choose one person in Israel who answers the title of 'righteous', I choose Tzachi Cohen," Avri opened the status. “If you need medical cannabis, you know the name. If not, probably not. Zahi is the man who founded the entire medical cannabis industry in Israel. "

“Over ten years ago, he realized this wonderful plant power to cure people, and he had a vision to treat patients with cannabis. He took the family money from his father, Solomon, and with the help of his mother, Dorit, his brother, Moore, and the rest of the dear family, he set up a home in the first nursery to grow medical cannabis. The material was distributed free of charge to patients who were able to obtain a license.

Avri Gilad Tzachi Cohen (Photo: Oren Nahshon / Without a Photographer)
Avri Gilad and Tzachi Cohen (Photo: Oren Nachshon, Flash 90 / No Photographer)

“He employed the home nursery that took over the entire IDF disabled people, the fighters, the cancer patients, and slowly began to spread the amazing new line of medicine. This is the stage where I got to know him, when I co-produced the film 'Grass with a Doctor's Approval' with Tzachi Klein, which, if you haven't watched it, is always worth it. I remember walking into his little room apartment in Tel Aviv, and there I see a young man, endlessly blowing and loving cannabis smoke into the mouth of an elderly, fully demented, limb-deformer, Marrier, he wipes, puffs again, and within minutes The elderly man's hardened body reaches limp and a smile rises on his suffering face. It is a tzahi, and it is one instructive case in which they acted the same.

“He is the man who set himself the goal of fixing the world with the wonder plant, medical cannabis. He gave it to Alzheimer's, cancer patients, post-traumatic, Parkinson's, epilepsy and whoever. There was no limit to his generosity, while living in ridiculous conditions he burned his family's money to the end for the big dream.

“After the movie was screened on television, there was a huge leap in demand for the drug, and Tzachi and his family continued to fund the growth and distribution out of their pockets for three years, even as the number of patients reached many hundreds. They wrestled with unpopular police and set foot, a suspicious health ministry, tough officials, but were able to salvage from pain and very difficult illness. In the tiny apartment, people crowded with fate, and Tsahi provided a balm for them. He knew that one day the drug would break out, and he would be the first to benefit from it, too.

Tzachi Cohen Tikun Olam
In the small apartment in the notebook where Tzahi lived and was the "cannabis clinic" to which the first hundreds of patients in Israel arrived (Photo: Private)

"He joined his company, Tikun Olam, people who gave a tight security jacket to prevent leaks, such as former Northern District commander Elic Ron and many other guns. But it was never enough for law enforcement. The bullying did not stop for a moment, and every month new cuts were issued to the company. But Tzachi went ahead despite all the difficulties. He has funded, and is still funding his cannabis oil distribution to hundreds of children with epilepsy, autistic and licensed adults who need large amounts due to particularly dreadful amounts of money, he subsidizes cannabis for anyone whose hand he fails, he has supported thirty breakthrough clinical studies that put Israel at the forefront of nations. Cannabis-based drugs, which have added more diseases to the list of cannabis use labels and have repeatedly proven that the wonder plant has not yet even begun to discover its north, and its benefits will be very high.

“In short, a world-changing patch, the Ministry of Health recognized the benefits of cannabis and began to distribute licenses more widely, and the company became a regulator in the country. About six years ago, the company expanded into the rest of the world and became a billionaire company, and then, Tzachi Cohen took the company's profits overseas and poured them here, in Israel, for the benefit of everyone. Among other things, he declared that the cannabis reform implemented by the Ministry of Health will never raise its prices in the country, which is probably not good for business competitors.

“I'll shorten it. Cohen was recently sued for a trial based on "secret intelligence", and a judge in Israel ruled that Tzachi Cohen should sell the Tikun Olam. So. Without the ability to deal with the information, based on 'confidential' material, the company he founded, the industry he founded, the patients, everything is taken to life. Why? Who knew? What is the secret material? do not know. Are commercial competitors who owe their business to a deep dreamer responsible? the police? Ministry of Health? You can't tell. Have taken a business worth millions today without even saying why. This is what happened in a court in Israel.

"How can it be? How was a person who changed the world of medicine in Israel and the world so blatantly and nobody stood up and raised an outcry? And who will buy the oil for the sick, and the poor for the material, and who will continue the dream? the judge? And is it possible that someone who started from a groundbreaking medical industry will be forced to sell his business without explanation to a mysterious plot? Unable to defend? This is the biggest injustice to my taste I have ever met. To the extent that. Righteous and evil to him.

“You do not know the face of Tzachi Cohen. He prefers to remain anonymous. But if you have any connection to medical cannabis, it's his merit. Only thanks to him. After what he did for you, what can you do for him? "

"Grass Certificate Doctor" - the full movie

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